Short movies with reference to research done by IGCE and RTU RC RBIDC

Kristīne Šalma-Ancāne gave a talk about finding the new solutions for the treatment of osteoporosis and faster healing of bone fractures in the LR1 program “Nākotnes stāsti”. Video, in the duration of 5 min and interview on TVNET.

“Creativity, new ideas and being able to follow the latest trends is very important in science (…)  Then get there, go to the lab and do what set your mind to”. A fragment of the interview with Latvian Radio 1 “Monopols” featuring the scientist Dagnija Loča, as the guest of the show. Broadcast recording is available here.

How does a real scientist-chemist look like? If we think about chemistry and chemical technology, questions arise – where do chemists work, why do we need chemistry? All these questions and a comprehensive overview of various pharmaceutical companies, with a sneak peak on extraordinary laboratories within the RTU RC RBIDC can be found in a 26-minute-long video, encompassing the interviews with many representatives of chemical industry.

Leading scientist Jānis Ločs gave an interview concerning science and materials science for Latvian Radio 1 “Monopols”. Broadcast is available here.

A video was filmed in RTU RC RBIDC laboratories, regarding research equipment and “Use Science” – a well-known platform for scientists and manufacturers.

RTU IGCE scientists are continuously looking for the new sorption applications for water treatment. Video – Broadcast “Tautas balss” can be found here.

RTU has managed to construct the equipment used for the water treatment from the water supply; nanostructured TiO2 ceramics used for the water treatment; an example of extrusion process. Video – Broadcast “Tautas balss” can be found here.

Video on science in the program “SeMS” filmed on 15.11.2012. can be found here.

How is artificial bone manufactured? This exhilarating video, which was the result of the European Social Foundation activity project for attracting human resources to science can be found here.

If you are interested in knowing more about the studies provided by RTU Faculty of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry, an extensive video can be found here.

Broadcast video – “Tautas balss” regarding more insight on biomaterials research can be found here.